A Plea to the Church in America

A Plea to the Church in America.


Morph to P.C.

How is it possible that the standards, definitions and ideals that were commonly held, when I was a child, are now defined as ‘radical and extreme’?  The World that I now live in is not the World I know.

Looking back, over the years, one cannot see any given point in time that accounts for the chasm that exists between what I knew and what I now know.

‘Metamorphosis’, herein lies the secret!  It is not possible for a larva to become a moth nor a tadpole to become a frog in an instant of time.  It would not have been possible for either of them to have survived without this slow, tedious process.  Neither is it possible for the world I see to have come from the world I knew without a slow, painstaking, methodical process.

How, indeed, is this realization of any importance?  If, in an instant,  the world had stepped from what I knew as a child to what is ‘reality’ today, chaos would have ensued.  Such a change can be compared to a healthy, young athletic person going to bed and wakening with the severest stage of emphysema.  Unthinkable!

There is a morphing,  a sequence or manner of development or change that reforms an existent organism into something completely unrecognizable.

In 2009, President Obama declared intentions to ‘fundamentally change’ America.  He was in fact referring to such a reforming event.  While Barry was the instrument used to declare the ominous, impending assault of the very pillars that have sustained America, he is, by default, simply a cog in an intricate machine.  A ‘Progressive’ machine that has been at work for countless years and perhaps decades, to infect and distort the very substance of our foundation.

Few (relative to the masses) perceptive ears heard the warning cry in his declaration.  Fewer still recognized the inherent danger, in that a base (cocoon, if you will) had been created to protect the revelation of what was contained inside.  Now we stand, many dumbfounded by the realization that indeed we are on the precipice of a fully realized ‘fundamental’ crisis.

This evolution transpired before our very eyes.  How, some might ask, did we arrive here.  Well, not pulling any punches, many chose, intentionally, to remain blind.  It was, for many, soothing to deny any imminent danger from those who just seemed a little kooky and far fetched.  Some told themselves that no one could really ‘buy into’ the bizarre beliefs that the ‘fringe’ avowed.  No one recognized that, long ago, (about the 1960s) the seed (EGG) had been planted amongst those who tended to rebel against any established authority.  Before long, in back rooms, transformational meetings began to envelop ‘forward thinking’ anti-American (LARVA) socialistic rabble.  Noting that the LARVA is able to sustain itself and secures its own food from the surrounding environment.   This stage aptly describes those who joined fringe terror groups and ultimately cocooned themselves, hiding, if you will, the true transformation that was taking place, hidden from society.  These two stages have been able to proliferate, rapidly multiplying, via the entire public school system.   They have adequately sheltered themselves by denying parental access the books they use.

We arrive at the final stage (the emergence of the fully formed adult) and might stop to ask, how does what they have become, affect us?

Primarily, they use  the ‘art of re-defining’.  First, for instance, the word ‘phobia’, it has been so long since that word has been used in it’s proper context that most of us wouldn’t recognize the misuse of it.

1) Phobia, as defined by the APA, Fear” is the normal response to a genuine danger. With phobias, the fear is either irrational or excessive. It is an abnormally fearful response to a danger that is imagined or is irrationally exaggerated.

This word has been, unofficially, redefined to incorporate the concept of ‘extreme hate’.  Ergo, claiming that someone is ‘phobic’ about something gives platform to the concept of the ‘hater’ declaration.  Suddenly, when I disagree about something (noting, only inclusion of specific PC concepts) I no longer have a right to a difference of opinion, I receive a new ‘label’.

2) Illegal, when in regard to immigration.  (because, I have noted some confusion on the part of one Nancy Pelosi)  Now, being a Naturalized Citizen myself,  I can attest to signing documents, attesting to my ‘status’, with the understanding (they made sure I understood, each time) that any misrepresentation on my part constituted a ‘FELONY’.  The redefinition of ‘undocumented’ sounds more ‘legal’ but, it is not.  Being here illegally with or without documentation is still ‘illegal’ no matter what color you paint it!

Secondarily, they use  the ‘art of bullying’.  Once the ploy of re-defining went unchallenged, they began to use ‘phony labels’ to intimidate.  Knowing how well this had gone for them, they began to demand that we NOT disagree with misrepresented values.  Further, they began to demand that we now relinquish our rights to instill moral character into our children.

We have failed to stand for our own beliefs and left that to the few that, at great personal cost,  have taken vicious ridicule and retaliation on our behalf.  Those that have pushed the envelope, have done so only because no one shoved that envelope back at them.

It is time to stand against the ploy of those who would, using tiny bites, eat an elephant.




Poetry from things I’ve learned.

Pastor Kenny stood to preach.

He taught on symphonic resonance, how a tuning fork will elicit a response from anything that vibrates at that same frequency.

He taught from Ezekiel, how Lucifer was created with pipes and timbrels within him.

Lucifer was created to emanate Worship,  that is the frequency he is tuned to.

I wrote this Poem believing that the instruments within him are so tuned to real, heartfelt, true Worship that he will flee in despair.

He will not stand in proximity of a resonance that forces him to Worship his eternal enemy, the One, True God, Almighty.

   Deep  Worship       
My private chamber I entered in and quieted my soul within.
In stillness stayed….and time stood still; as shadows fled, light filtered in.
A sense of awe, I dared not move, as His Presence filled the room.
I basked a time in His embrace and sought the Glory  of His Face.
A melody from deep within arose, as an unuttered hymn.
Rent veil appeared amid my soul, inviting me to deeper go.
A deep foreboding in my heart did, from the entrance, make me start.
Confused I stopped to ponder there, and fear did try to come….despair.
“My child” He softly said to me, “Safely come abide  with me.  Eternal foe, I have but one.
He, by your worship, is undone.
 Within his wretched soul abide the pipes and timbrels for all time.
And if he stayed within the reach of your worship,  precious, sweet. 
 The resonance of symphony would cause his soul to Worship Me.
 So, when to worship you had chose, this foe of mine you did depose.
A melody so soft and sweet, as deep to deep your love for me.
And so, your simple gift to me will from your life  now make him flee.”
Now treasure I,  the times so sweet to enter  in and with Him meet!

the cause of the quest

knowledge and understanding.

teasingly similar, yet vastly and subtly different.

knowledge, gained both passively and intentionally.

understanding, gained only by the fermentation of that knowledge.

for many years, after my born again experience, i set about gaining knowledge.

to one who is disinterested, the path to knowledge is just so much drudgery.

but i, i had an insatiable hunger to know,  to know God, purpose, path, truth, light…. i was driven.

if i was not reading, then i was listening and if i was not reading nor listening, then i was pondering.

and, when i’d finished reading and listening and pondering,

i shared the wealth of my resources with others.

they, however, were not driven.

i was confronted by one pastor who questioned the value of my efforts.

‘did i really gain anything from the volume of my consumption?’

well, yes, of course i did!, otherwise what was the point?

all he could see was drudgery in my efforts.

what i felt i was gaining was not exciting and interesting to others.

i could not understand them and, they could not understand me.

i stayed on my path, a solitary yet not neccesarily lonely path.

i discovered, over time, that amassing knowledge did not inherently produce understanding.

it seemed that knowledge without understanding became ignorance

while understanding without knowledge was unfruitful.

i recognized that knowledge was but a seed.

knowledge, a seed, a word

and i saw that my heart had always been the soil for the seed.

my heart, the soil, the ground for the seed.

and, according to wisdom, i began to tend to the soil of that ground.

i scoured  for hard and beaten areas and i turned them up

i watched for stones, both large and small,  and went about casting them away.

i searched for varieties of weeds and pulled them by the root and i did destroy them.

then, when the soil was fresh and turned and cleared and clean, i took into it that seed of knowledge.

from knowledge and wisdom did flower a harvest of understanding.

and i am blessed.

now from this i find my quest.

to bear with those that find within themselves an unquenchable desire

and bless them on their solitary path.




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